Marabu Coffee-Bar

On the beautiful golden beach of Abovos

Coffee, soda, drink in a picturesque corner of the café-bar MARABU

Marabu Coffee-Bar

The crystal blue waters of the Pagasetic Gulf provide the perfect setting for a relaxing drink or coffee here in the famous coastal resort of Afissos in Pelion. The “Marabu Café-Bar” located on the beautiful beach of Abovos is a very popular place to enjoy a drink and admire the beautiful views and natural scenery that Pelion is famous for. At our café-bar, you can enjoy a range of drinks, coffees, beers, beverages, juices and other refreshments. You can also sample some of our popular home-made wine. We also serve a selection of ice-creams and tasty sweets and deserts.

Marabu coffee bar 02

Throughout the year, we have a number of events taking place at our café-bar. These include some great nights of live music. During the summer months, there is a real carnival and lively type of atmosphere at our coffee-bar. The “Marabu Coffee-Bar” is open throughout the day, so whether you are looking for a place to enjoy a quiet coffee in the mornings, or somewhere for a night out with great music and a very friendly atmosphere, then our café-bar is the perfect place for you.

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