MARABU at Afissos, Pelion

There are many unique and beautiful places in Greece that provide a perfect destination for your holidays and vacations. From the world famous Greek islands, to the historic city of Athens, Greece is a country that has so much to offer visitors.

One part of Greece that is ideal for holidays and travel throughout the year is the region of the Pelion peninsula. Part of the county of Magnesia in the Thessaly area of Greece, the Pelion peninsula is a perfect combination of sea and mountain, and is a place that thrives with natural charm and beauty.

Pelion is a holiday destination for all seasons - during the summer months you can enjoy the exceptional beaches and crystal blue waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. In the winter, you can take part in winter sports and ski at the famous Agriolefkes Ski Centre of Pelion.

Whether you are looking for a holiday destination where you can simply relax and unwind, or one where you can enjoy an excellent variety of adventure and excursions, then the Pelion peninsula is the ideal destination for you in Greece.

There are many villages and resorts found all over this magical peninsula. One of the most popular destinations along the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf is the charming coastal town of Afissos. Situated 25km from the city of Volos, the resort of Afissos offers the perfect escape from the noise and stress of everyday city life, and provides visitors with the perfect place in which to enjoy and appreciate the true beauty and charm of Pelion.

Afissos has two of the most beautiful beaches in Pelion - those of Kallifteri and Abovos. Both of these beaches are exceptionally clean and beautiful, and provide the perfect place to enjoy swimming and relaxation during the hot summer months. Afissos is a v ery picturesque resort, and has an excellent infrastructure for tourism.

During the summer months, there are a number of local celebrations and events that you can attend. These all take place under the name of "Argonautica" - in tribute to "Jason and the Argonauts", whom egend tells us made a stop here at Afissos on their journey in search of the Golden Fleece.

It is here in Afissos on the beautiful golden beach of Abovos that you will find "Marabu" - from where we operate a very popular restaurant and cafe bar. We also have a mini market where you can find a wide range of various products and items. Whether you are planning on staying in Afissos, or merely passing through during your holidays and vacations in Pelion, we hope you will find the chance to stop by and join us for a tasty meal or refreshing drink by the sea.